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Quality control is an important objective for us. We do not design projects and then ship production to inexpensive overseas shops. Our projects are designed, built and managed only by established and trusted members of our own creative team.

We also offer full-service graphic design services, including logo design, print project oversight and print production, photography, illustration, photo retouching and copywriting for brochures, annual reports, flyers, direct mail and collateral, advertising, outdoor and signage, and trade show environments.

With each of our clients, our goal is to create a full-featured internet and marketing brand presence that captures the essence of the company’s mission and delivers each client’s message in a unique, cleanly designed and navigable way.

From sole proprietorships to Fortune 1000 companies, Seaver Interactive has helped hundreds of clients bring their vision of the future to life.

jeff seaver

Jeff Seaver got his start in the tech world at age 15, programming on a GE mainframe over a dial phone, years before the personal computer was invented.

After graduating with a degree in architecture, he decided to move into commercial art & design, working in advertising and publishing in New York City for over 25 years with many of the top names in those fields.

His work has won numerous awards from Communication Arts, The Art Directors Club, Print, The Mobium Award, The Society of Illustrators, Art Direction and The Dallas Art Directors Club.

Jeff has juried competitive award shows including The WebAwards, Mobile Web Awards, Communication Arts Annual, Big W Awards, The Society of Illustrators Annual Show and the Art Directors Club Exhibition. He has been a contributing author to software guides, web design and marketing blogs and technical journals.

Jeff is a past National President of The Graphic Artists Guild. Other memberships include AIGA, the Art Directors Club of NY, The Society of Illustrators, The Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators, The National Association of Photoshop Professionals, The Connecticut Art Directors Club, and the National Association of Broadcast and Electronic Technicians (NABET).

He was involved in legislative efforts to change US copyright laws to benefit creative professionals, including coordinating work with lobbyists and attorneys on the state and federal level, as well as providing testimony to the Congressional Office on Technology.

An adjunct professor of web design and internet marketing, Jeff has been a guest lecturer and instructor at many of the major art schools in the US and at technology conferences. He also teaches workshops through SCORE, where he is a Business Mentor.

jodi wallace
the team

Jodi is a branding and marketing expert with decades of experience in developing brands and marketing campaigns in every sector from IT to medical to software to, well, you name it. Better yet, let her name it.

Described as “a marketing tornado and a breath of fresh air,” Jodi is legendary not just for her brilliant creative gifts, but for her in-depth research, developing a comprehensive understanding of each client’s situation in their marketplace that informs all of our creative solutions.

Bud is world-class graphic designer and typophile whose skills include brilliant logo design, publication design, print production and website front-end design.

Bud is also a very sharp-witted and funny copywriter. Case in point: he did not write this.

When not busy analyzing typography on billboards while driving at high speeds, Bud tends to his “artisinal” apple orchards and paints beautiful oils of brand-name crackers and cookies. Go figure.

jon dupree

Jon is our software, IT and marketing guru who not only can quote technical how-to while weaving through traffic, he knows marketing strategy inside and out.

A teacher at heart, Jon provides most of our client training and tech support. He speaks WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the ever-challenging Google+. So far he has been our most unrufflable team member, though we keep testing.

bud lavery
marina white

Marina is a talented young designer who understands both online and print design as well as social media, email marketing and print production. She is also a gifted photographer.

A self-confessed “pastry snob,” in her off hours Marina unleashes her creative skills on some of the finest baked goods our team has ever encountered. Sometimes, however, she shows up armed only with beautiful photographs of her latest creations, which does not help with staff morale.

Whether your goal is to build a state-of-the-art website, launch a new company or product, develop or redesign your logo or corporate identity, launch a social media or email campaign, or any aspect of branding & marketing, Seaver Interactive has decades of experience in the communication arts, and our team has the experience and talent to create brilliant solutions, as well as effectively manage your projects from concept to implementation.

Our services include internet marketing, website design and development, branding, social media marketing, content marketing, corporate communications and PR, graphic design & logo design, SEO (search engine optimization), email marketing and other services. We design and build traditional websites (XHTML/CSS) as well as content-management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.


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David is one of the few technology coders who knows how to speak design. He is famous for his brilliant work, but held in even greater awe by his fans for his limitless patience. In dealing with nitpicky designers, writers and photographers, some of whom “won’t know we don’t like it until we see it,” he says, “That’s why God invented pubs.”

David seems to possess a limitless reservoir of knowledge of all things digital, yet makes no secret of his disdain for people who live their lives staring at smartphones, preferring instead to live his life staring at football (aka “soccer”) matches.

david wilkinson

Seaver Interactive produces our work in-house. We conceive, design, create content and build our own work. We do not use third-party prebuilt templates to create websites, nor do we ship technical parts out to mysterious overseas companies who can change names overnight.

We do have a trusted group of contractors, built up over many years through trial and error, who provide top-drawer freelance photography, illustration, graphic design, copy editing and proofreading, and print services. Our work is done in-house or supervised, paid for and delivered by Seaver Interactive.

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